Pity You Can’t Publish It

Some of you may know about my Spelljammer fanfiction the Toy Soldier Saga. For those who don’t, it has a special place in my heart for many reasons.  The first is that I love the Spelljammer D&D campaign setting.  I think it’s an amazing amount of fun!  A few characters that I played in that setting have stuck with me.  One of them gave me part of my Pagan craft (and pen) name.

Another reason is that I have what I think is a really good story that works well in the setting.  I’ve been trying to get someone’s attention at Wizards of the Coast for years, but no luck.  The closest I got is when some friends or fans of Troy Lockwood bitched me out in my comments section because I had inadvertently altered an already altered graphic for inspirational character art, that someone used as their profile pic on an ancient forum, and apparently they recognized the origin of his art in it.  I’m not sure why they took such offense.

I think it’s too bad, because I’m loyal and I think my story has the potential of being a significant force in the fantasy market, but fine: I have figured out a way to adapt it so that I am no longer using any of their copyrighted material or intellectual property, but so that I’m maintaining consistency in my story.  I have an easier time of it than most; it’s not like any of my major characters are major characters in the existing setting, nor have I described any events that change anything about the way the original setting is portrayed.

I’ve already written two stories that happen outside of, but around, the existing events of the main story, that have been accepted for publication in a small magazine and an anthology.  Now I’m planning on submitting a section of the first novel that has been adapted into a novella for another magazine that is specifically calling for fantasy space opera (I mean, how perfect, right?)

Stephen B. Pearl is a Canadian speculative fiction writer with some good advice on his YouTube channel in how to take your fanfic and turn it into a publishable story (which he has done successfully).  I seemed to have been on the right track, and I appreciate his helpful suggestions!  Because I thought it might also help others, I have shared it here:

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