The Storytellers: Celebrating May New Releases!


Sarah Buhrman, Rebekah Dodson, Kayla Kirby, and Diane Morrison invite you to join them and many other amazing indie authors to celebrate their new May releases! In addition, many of these authors are participating in the Kindle Storyteller competition, which is exclusive to Kindle UK, so this may be the only way, outside of the UK, to get your hands on some of these new books! There *will* be a Rafflecopter!

Thank you to all the participating authors! This is now the final roster!

* Preference given to authors with new releases in May
* All genres welcome
* Please mention if you’re entering the Kindle Storyteller competition
* Please invite as many people as you can who would *genuinely* be interested! Most events like this use a guideline of 50 invites.
* Because many of these authors are doing Kindle Storyteller, please invite as many people in the UK as you can!
* All times are in PDT
* There is a Headtalker and a Thunderclap for this event. We would like to encourage all participating authors to support one or the other or both.
* We would like to encourage all participating authors to donate something to the Rafflecopter!

Friday, May 19th:

9 am – Tom Fallwell
10 am – Simon L Michael
11 am – KL Donn Author
12 pm – R.E. Danielle
1 pm – Felicia Beasley
2 pm – McKayla Schutt (Jennifer Ellis PA)
3 pm – Iris Sweetwater
4 pm – Desari-Ann Howard-Gibbs
5 pm – Trey McIntosh
6 pm – Author Amelia Bronson
7 pm – Tricia Andersen
8 pm – Alexis Angel (Alicia Freeman PA services)
9 pm – Annie Buff

Saturday, May 20th:

9 am – Rebekah Dodson
10 am – Amanda Feldman (Jennifer Ellis PA)
11 am – Kayla Kirby
12 pm – Sarah Buhrman
1 pm – Philipp Kessler
2 pm – Andrew Mackay (Jolene Huber PA)
3 pm – Author J.P. Barry (Kim Christensen Byrd PA)
4 pm – Tanya Sands
5 pm – Courtney Cannon
6 pm – Jade Royal Author (Qua Zesty PA)
7 pm – Josette Reuel
8 pm – Jessica Miller
9 pm – Nia Farrell (Tasha Hooks PA)

Sunday, May 21:

9 am – Jeannette Keats
10 am – Amy Pacifico Cecil (Alicia Freeman PA services)
11 am – Rotem May
12 pm – Author K. L. Roth (Meagan Kent PA)
1 pm – Nancy Miller
2 pm – Brian Hagan
3 pm – Brittany Adkins
4 pm – Author Gen Ryan
5 pm – Diane Morrison (Sable Aradia)

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