May’s Featured Patreon Project: A Dystopian Utopia!

So when I revamped my Patreon, I decided that I would charge by creation instead of by month, and that I would highlight a different featured project every month so that my Patrons would know what they were getting for their buck.  I promised I would post the new featured project on the 20th of every month so that people would have lots of time to change their pledges.  Today is the 20th!

May’s featured project is going to be a series of dystopian stories.

  • I’m still working on my Napoleonic Wars apocalypse story and expect to finish that sometime before the end of this month, with the story edited and ready to circulate by the beginning of May.  Working title: For King and Country.
  • I’m still working on story 2 in the post-apocalyptic Wyrd West Chronicles, which will be releasing on May 20, and therefore, should be ready for release to Patrons sometime in the first two weeks of May.  Title: Vice & Virtue.
  • I’m writing a dystopian horror story for the Kindle Storyteller competition.  The contest deadline is May 19th, so it must be ready to release before then, though it may not drop until the beginning of June, depending on how long formatting everything takes.  Since the competition is for Kindle UK only, this will be the only way outside of the UK to read that story!  Title: Food on Their Table.

I’m also working on material for the dystopian Raygun Gothic game setting Tales of the Stellar Deep, but since that is a commissioned piece, it will not be available to Patrons.  You’ll have to buy the game book to get that!

Patrons should also note that a short sci-fi story will drop before the end of April.  I’m submitting it to the Tesseracts anthology on “Optimism” and to the Friends of Merril Short Story Competition sponsored by the Toronto Public Library.

To support my Patreon, just click on the link here!  And to my current Patrons: thanks for your continued support!

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