Indie Authors Care March Charity

Busted! I’ve been jailed for a cause!

Readers, I need you to bail me out!

You can post my bail by joining the Indie Authors Care March Fundraiser and donating to the cause!

The author with the most donations will be Bailed out and reward donors with a prize!

Remember to choose my name when you donate!

All proceeds will be going to benefit Preemies and Autism Awareness.

You can donate here:

You can attend the event here:

Like Indie Authors Care FB Page here:


Come on guys!  The event has only raised $60 so far and the deadline is Tuesday; I know we can do better!

I’m doing this one for my nephews.  One was born premature; the other has Asperger’s Syndrome.  They’re fine young men who make me proud, but many times while they were growing up we struggled to find support for them and it was a hard battle.  And we live in Canada, where (thank all the gods) healthcare is free!  In the United States, which is where the fundraiser is centered, they need all the help they can get.  Help us to help!

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