Giveaway Winners!

Wow, it’s been a busy few days!  Here’s the winners from all the giveaways I’ve done over the past few day.  Congratulations to all winners! Please message me to let me know if you’d prefer to receive your book by email or through FB and if you’d prefer pdf or mobi. Thanks for entering!

The winning post by Krystle Smith from the Haunted by Magic giveaway was:

You gotta ask yourself, Are You Feeling Lucky? Well, are ya?”

~ Dirty Harry

And the winning post from the Wyrd West Chronicles Launch Party (winner has been notified) was:

Mayor Ollie Perkins: I wanted you to meet my daughter, Sheriff. She’s a good cook, a mighty fine looking girl. Takes after her dear, departed mother.
Jason McCullough: Mother died, huh?
Mayor Ollie Perkins: Nope, she just departed.

~ Support Your Local Sheriff

And from the Spellbound Pre-Release Party, the winning post by Marline Hutchinson Price was the ever-popular:

Other entries included:

This town ain’t big enough for the both of us!”

~ The Virginian

You’re too old and fat to be jumping horses.”

~ True Grit

“And what does that mean anyway, ‘Atay Ayay’?

“It’s an ancient Navajo word. It means ‘Stop'”

~ I haven’t seen this, I think it’s from the new Lone Ranger movie


I couldn’t help but notice you noticing me noticing you.”

~ Jango


Now go buy my book!

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