Big Changes to My Patreon!

Hello all!  As you can see, it’s been a while since I posted anything here.  To be honest, it was because I was getting quite discouraged.  I wasn’t seeing a lot of Patron support, and I kept receiving criticisms that I should separate my geeky and fiction writerly stuff from my Pagan stuff, because people might want to support one thing but not the other thing.  This made me sad, since I was asking for monthly patronage in general, and seemed to me a general rejection of my person, no matter what side you wanted to butter that bread on.  Also, to do that and create individual Kickstarters for things kind of defeated my purpose.  So for a while I gave up.

But I think I have figured out a way to accommodate this desire from my would-be Patrons, and that is to charge by creation instead of by month.

Read full article at my Patreon.

4 thoughts on “Big Changes to My Patreon!

  1. Sorry to hear that suggestion sounded like criticism to you.

    I really hope that splitting things up helps patrons to back your individual projects at the level of interest that each one can raise and that the more popular projects can pull in more money and allow you to be more creative in aggregate.

    The rotating idea is a very interesting way for you to try out the idea that people have suggested. And I think that swapping out the masthead is going to really help fans of parts of your work to focus on paying what they can afford towards that project they want to support. (And of course, someone who likes all your stuff can pay for all of it.)

    Are you going to publish a timetable of what you are planning to do for every month, or is the thing with making the announcement on the 20th there to allow you to chop and change depending on what is inspiring you most at that time of the year?

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    1. Don’t take it too hard, David; you’re not the only one who said something along that line. 😉

      I know my process well enough to know that I find myself re-prioritizing as I go. So the announcement on the 20th was intended to give me a safety net, yes. But you’re probably right, I should lay out a loose itinerary so that people get an idea of what to expect; just so long as people understand that it’s a road-map, not an outline! And it may change as things progress.


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