Saturdays’s Giveaway Winners!

I did two awesome takeover events on Saturday, so I have two winners to announce!  Congratulations! Please message me to let me know if you’d prefer to receive your book by email or through FB and if you’d prefer pdf or mobi. Thanks for entering!

The winner of my giveaway from Jocelynn Babcock’s Mantic: The Eyes of March Release is . . . Marsha Wilson Black!

The winning post was, hilariously enough:

Howdy, pardner!

This was suggested by her son when she said she didn’t know many Westerns.  I said:

Okay, as Heinlein said, ‘Some jokes have a half-life. Use it once, you’re a wit. Use it twice, you’re a half-wit.’ So you get away with this this time, but nobody else, ever!

The only exception will be if you can tell me what Western it came from and what was happening in the scene when it was said.

And the winner of my giveaway from Kayla Kirby’s Tales of the Banshee is . . . Sarah Buhrman!

The winning post was:

Agard, if you knew anything about Indians, you’d know that they’re doing their level best to put up with our so-called ‘benevolent patronage’ in spite of the nincompoops that’ve been put in charge of it!”

~ McLintoc

Other entries (in the two events combined) included:

Well Mr. Carpet Bagger in this territory we have something called the Missouri boatride.”

“To hell with them fellas. Buzzards gotta eat, same as worms.”

“I always heard there were 3 kinds of suns in Kansas: sunshine, sunflowers and sons-of-bitches.”

~ all from the Outlaw Josey Wales

Young fella, if you’re looking; for trouble I’ll accommodate ya.”

~ from True Grit

I’m your huckleberry.” (twice)

~ from Tombstone

If you can’t do something smart, do something right.”

~ Firefly

Draw when I say draw . . . DRAW!

~ I have no idea where this comes from. I think it was a comedy, but I don’t remember

Congratulations to both winners!  Please contact me by FB message to let me know what email I should send your copy to and if you’d prefer your book in mobi or pdf format!

Also, I’d like to take this time to tell all my readers about this awesome Rafflecopter giveaway I’m doing for the Wyrd West Launch event!  Check it out!  There’s a massive amount of ebooks available, plus Mp3s, an audiobook and a poster!  Up to five winners!

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