By Any Means Necessary: An Indie Authors’ Event!

With the upcoming release of my Wyrd West Chronicles, I’ll be participating in an indie fiction authors’ event to share our work and promote community-building!  By Any Means Necessary is a Facebook takeover event where writers post about their work and what drives them to write for a scheduled period of time.  I’m scheduled for 11:30 pm this coming Monday night (Feb. 13) to 12:30 am Tuesday morning (Valentine’s Day: share the love!) PST but I encourage you to tune in any time over the three days to meet and greet a variety of independent authors!

Join us for three days in celebrating what community truly means. A place where we share ideas, laugh with each other and strive to bring joy to our lives by any means necessary. No matter anyone’s marketing style or connection to others, we want to remind everyone why we coexist in the indie world together.

Yes, there are grueling days where sometimes we lose sight of what being an indie truly means. Sometimes we have to take giant leaps to discover what it is that makes our fan base tick. There are some days where maybe we need the extra income just to get by. For the next three days, we want to remind everyone the joy this community brings.

This event is open to anyone who wants to share their work by either giveaways or simply posting teasers. Either way, we all must remember to love the art of writing and remain humble to the ones who give us the time out of their busy days to enjoy our work.

Find the event HERE!

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