A Weird West Primer

Here’s a good article from Tor.com about the Weird West.  Except that I disagree with their opening.  The Wild West is Canadian too.  It’s unfortunate that we seem to be letting the Americans get away with claiming that myth as their own.  It is American, but everything West of Winnipeg has this as part of our past also.  The Okanagan Valley (my home) was founded first by the Okanagan First Nation of the Interior Salish, and then by missionaries, miners, and cattle ranchers, and the CP Rail (a heroic feat of Western determination if there ever was one) was part of the condition that British Columbia laid down for joining Confederation.  (Scroll down to the section in my link about the Canadian Pacific Railway; the “Last Spike” was driven a little more than an hour’s drive from where I live.)  I will write a more detailed article about the Canadian West sometime soon.

Read the full article at Tor.com.

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