A Note on Upcoming Projects!

So I figured it was time I talked a bit about my own writing, because I’m excited about it and I want other people to get excited about it!  I’ve got a few irons in the fire right now:

  1. I’m working on two novels at the moment.  The one I’m giving my most immediate attention to is my National Novel Writing Month project from this year, a hard near-future sci-fi story called The Cloud.  It’s a novel about asteroid mining and corporate greed that combines a deep space techno-thriller in the style of The Martian with the brooding suspense of a locked-room mystery.  I think I’m about three quarters finished my first draft now.
  2. I’m revising my NaNoWriMo project from last year, The Forever Throne.  It’s a high fantasy novel that challenges expectations of gender and ultimately, I think, the genre of high fantasy as a whole.  Rather than expressing this like Game of Thrones, which chooses to ground its high fantasy narrative in the “brutish and short” real world of the Renaissance, I choose to look at the long-reaching implications of what might happen if the tropes were true.
  3. I have been commissioned to write the flavour text for a new RPG gaming book  for the Grit & Vigor system, which is a gaming system that is intended for use in creating your own pulp fiction genre games.  It’s a Raygun Gothic setting with a twist; working title is Tales of the Stellar Deep.  Picture Flash Gordon meets the Cthulu Mythos — IN SPACE!  It’s wacky and weird and I love this kind of thing!  My deadline is around mid-February and I’ll keep you posted on the publication schedule.
  4. I’m in the final editing stages for the first in a series of serials that take place in a Weird West setting with Cattle Punk elements, the Wyrd West Chronicles.  My world is a blend of high fantasy and classic Western, with a dash of steampunk for flavour.  I intend to publish the series bimonthly on Kindle, Kobo etc. in e-format, with a once-a-year collection of stories available in actual physical book format.  I will keep you posted!

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