Q&A with Submissions Editor of DAW Books

Reposted from The Metropolitan, via the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Facebook group:

If there’s one thing that aspir­ing writ­ers think about, it’s how to get pub­lished and break into the indus­try. For many of us pur­su­ing writ­ing careers here at Met­ro­pol­i­tan State, we don’t know the first thing about how to get started.

I’ve invited Peter Stampfel, Sub­mis­sions Edi­tor of DAW Books pub­lish­ing house, to pro­vide insight for prospec­tive authors of the sci-fi/fantasy genre. For 36 years, Stampfel has been the first to view man­u­scripts. Stampfel and his col­leagues helped dis­cover such fan­tasy authors as Tad Williams, Patrick Roth­fuss, and Mer­cedes Lackey. What fol­lows is an edited and con­densed ver­sion of that conversation.

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