The Cloud: Sneak Peak Book Trailer!

4 thoughts on “The Cloud: Sneak Peak Book Trailer!

  1. I will have to look up Pagan again to relearn what I unlearned. I am proudly American, but even prouder of peoples outside the U.S. Proudly non racist, passionately in love with science fiction. There will be no wedding as my sweet little Sci Fiona loves to travel. My politics are even further to the left by far and away and then another road up, I could not tell you what the difference is between a Democrat and a Republican!!! However I am wise beyond my ancient years, wise enough to realize that patience comes before humility. And that the promotion of life to flourish and blossom is the ultimate purpose in life. Also, I have decided to create a new religion called Smilism. The goad is to make a least one person smile each day. You dont have to get up early on Sundays, or put any money in the basket. I also will forever be owned by a cat that was shot by a neighborhood bully who in turn was OWNED by me. Broken leg, broken arm, and no more weak kid on my end any more. A cat s the only cat that knows where its at. I d love to work at a bookstore, but everything is freakin on line now!!! Maybe tis cause I live in the city, which once long ago, was a tree filled with monkeys, until it began to become a bit crowded, then one day, one monkey looked out to the horizon and saw…another tree. Now to just get over there…but that is a story for another time. With much respect, pleased to know ya!!! Keep writing please. I smell a movie coming. Here is my pre-resume cover letter!!! For when you need reliable people that will take a pay cut any day. They arent just words on a page, each letter is a piece of magic. Is this one big clutterf–k of a paragraph-a-graph or what???


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