So I’m Writing a Magicpunk Kindle Serial

So I’ve been kicking around this idea for a steampunk/magicpunk series for a few years (since 2012, it turns out).  I was intending to sell a couple of stories to some magazines to build interest, then publish a book that was a collection of short stories.  But instead I’ve been collecting rejection slips, and those who offer critiques and feedback tell me it’s because it seems like part of a larger work.  Since that’s essentially true, I guess I have to accept that!

My current thought is to publish them instead as a serial short fiction series on Kindle (and possibly other e-book platforms too; we’ll have to see, but I thought Kindle was the logical place to start) for 99 cents per approximately 6000 word story, with a regular publication schedule of one every two or three months (because otherwise I won’t have time to write anything else).  Is this something that would interest my readers?

Here’s a machinima trailer I put together when I came up with the idea.  Some details are changing in my current format – for instance, instead of a post-apocalyptic setting in our world, I’m more envisioning a place where many worlds overlap or fall together somehow – but it may give you an idea of the feel and tone I’m trying to create.  My current working title for the series is “The Wyrd West.”  Please let me know what you think in the comments!

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